5 Moments When Japanese Women Sense a New Love Relationship Starting

1. You appeared in her dream as her boyfriend.

She happens to have a dream with you in it and she can’t keep her eyes off you the next day. “I never felt anything special toward him. But since he appeared in my dreams, everything he does catches my attention,” one Japanese woman in her 20s confesses about her new love interest. There’s something mysterious about seeing someone in a dream. She wonders if she’s been thinking about you subconsciously all along. The more she thinks about you, the more curious she becomes about you. If she’s into horoscopes and fortune telling, she’s most likely to be the type to believe in dream divination.

2. She saw a side of you that she hasn’t seen before.

Sometimes, love sparks when a woman receives a kind gesture from a man who’s unlikely to show any emotion. “Usually, he doesn’t even let out a smile, but one day, he helped me carry boxes up three flights of stairs. I was dumbfounded and then captivated by him,” recalls one Japanese woman in her late teens. “Even when I don’t have any romantic feelings toward him, if he treats me nicely when we are alone, I get butterflies in my stomach,” another Japanese woman in her early 20s confides to us. Especially if you couldn’t care less about pleasing anyone else, she’ll be enchanted by your special treatment of her.

3. You told her something that you rarely talk about.

You weren’t particularly close to her, but one day, out of blue, you decided to tell her something you had never talked about. She is captivated by this never-before-seen side of you and wants to get to know you more. “I always thought he was an introvert. One day, he told me that he’s in a rock band. I was fascinated by this side I never knew,” reveals one Japanese woman in her late teens. “He was just an acquaintance, but one day we started to talk about our family issues. Before I knew it, I was drawn so completely to him,” remembers another Japanese woman in her late 20s. It’s not unusual for a new love interest to bloom when a woman glimpses your hidden side.

4. You keep checking her out.

Every time she looks up, she finds your eyes following her. “We kept looking at each other, and one day, he smiled at me. My heart skipped a couple of beats,” blushes one Japanese woman in her late teens. “Our gaze followed each other without trying. His eyes looked so vibrant and caught my attention!” says a Japanese woman in her 20s. If your eyes meet frequently, it’s difficult for her to ignore your presence and it may eventually turn into something more. Don’t forget to add a charming smile when she finally notices.

5. You treat her better than you’d treat a friend.

Perhaps you were just being a gentleman, but to a Japanese woman, your decorum came as a pleasant surprise and might have been something she’d only seen in the movies. “When I was struggling at work, he asked me if there was anything he could do to help. I started to think that he was sending me a signal,” recounts one Japanese woman in her 20s. “He’s always willing to drop everything he’s doing to be with me. He’s so caring and compassionate,” agrees another Japanese woman in her late 20s. Your impeccable timing and affection can easily sweep her off her feet. One note of caution, though: if she is your subordinate, make certain that your actions do not appear biased.

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